Transportation Alternatives Program

The Louisiana DOTD Transportation Alternative Program (DOTDTAP), previously known as Transportation Enhancement Program (TEP), is a Federally funded program administered through LA DOTD. The goal is to work toward building a more balanced transportation system that includes pedestrians and bicyclists as well as the motoring public. Eligible projects can include bicycle and pedestrian facilities, safe routes for non-drivers, conversion of abandoned railway corridors to trails, scenic turnouts, overlooks and viewing areas, archaeological activities, storm water mitigation, wildlife management, and community improvement activities. Community improvement activities can include outdoor advertising management, historic preservation and rehabilitation of historic transportation facilities and vegetation management.

Parishes, municipal governments, universities, non-profits, or other local government agencies may sponsor an application, with the support of the RPC. The Transportation Enhancement Program is a cost reimbursable program. It is also a requirement that the sponsoring entity contribute matching funds. Additional information about the Transportation Alternatives Program can be found at LADOTD’s website:

>2016 -2018 Transportation Alternatives Projects awarded to the RPC Region


2014 - 2016 Transportation Alternatives Projects awarded to the RPC Region


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