Sub-Area Studies

The Regional Planning Commission occasionally commissions sub-area land use studies in partnership with its local government partners. RPC has a vested interest in working with the region’s local governments to generate land use plans that integrate into and support the regional transportation network. The following studies have been produced as a result of these partnerships.

Broad Street Corridor Streetscape Improvements - US 61 (Tulane Avenue) to Bayou Road, 2015

Building upon existing revitalization energy along Broad Street, this study supports ongoing efforts and intermodal connections within this vibrant commercial and mixed-use destination of regional significance. Due to conflicting high volumes of transit, vehicles, pedestrians and bicycle uses, the corridor is examined for all modes to prevent conflicts and to coordinate between existing projects near and adjacent to the corridor with an eye on safety.

Assessing Street Conditions through Volunteer Spatial Mapping in Lakeview, 2012

The Lakeview area of New Orleans suffered severe flooding due to Hurricane Katrina.  The Lakeview Civic Improvement Association (LCIA) initiated a study to evaluate the Lakeview area street quality. With the support of the Regional Planning Commission and, a comprehensive study of street conditions was completed in Summer 2012. The “Assessing Street Conditions through Volunteer Spatial Mapping in Lakeview” report is attached.

Implementing Envision Jefferson 2020: Mixed-Use and Smart Growth Alternatives, 2006

Grappling with how to accommodate growth in Jefferson Parish and build for the future, this study explores the application of smart growth principles in development decisions. The report analyses trends and challenges confronting Jefferson Parish, hones in on ideas for mixed use development on the West Bank, and outlines implementation mechanisms.

Metairie Central Business District Land Use & Transportation Plan, 2001

Located in Jefferson Parish, the Metairie CBD is a retail center with a concentration of office space. The purpose of the land use and transportation plan was to initiate discussions amongst stakeholders about ways to catalyze development in the area. The plan identifies and evaluates current conditions and issues, future development alternatives, and provides a preliminary implementation strategy for coordinating land use and transportation. The plan is intended to act as a guide to encourage infill and redevelopment, provide direction for infrastructure investments, and define roles and responsibilities for its implementation.

New Orleans Light Rail Transit Project: Existing Land Use and Zoning Adjacent to Potential LRT Stations, 2002

A Light Rail Transit (LRT) system from Louis Armstrong International Airport to the Union Passenger Terminal in downtown New Orleans is a priority for the region’s transportation network. This study identifies potential station locations along the 12-mile corridor, documents each proposed station’s current surrounding land uses and zoning as well as development possibilities. This report is the first of a three part study (see below).

New Orleans Light Rail Transit Project: Concepts for Transit-Oriented Development, 2003

Building upon analyses performed in New Orleans Light Rail Transit Project: Existing Land Use and Zoning Adjacent to Potential LRT Stations (2002), this study provides planning recommendations for the transit station areas and the surrounding adjacent areas. In addition, the report provides a preliminary development impact assessment and real estate strategy to spur transit-oriented development. This report is the second of a three part study (see below).

New Orleans Light Rail Transit Project: Policy Plan for Transit-Oriented Development (TOD), 2005

This policy plan for transit-oriented development is the starting point for the development of supportive land use strategies that integrate transit infrastructure in the New Orleans region. The document reviews current plans and zoning regulations in the City of New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, and the City of Kenner, provides best practices in TOD policy, and recommends revisions and new priorities within local policies, plans and implementation measures to support TOD in the proposed LRT corridor. This report is the third of a three part study (see below).

Terrytown: Building a New Vision, 2007

Terrytown is a diverse retail and residential neighborhood located on the West Bank of the Mississippi River in Jefferson Parish. Two years following Hurricane Katrina, the neighborhood and its leaders continue to struggle with the aftermath, including physical damage, population flight, and other social, economic, and political impacts. This report contains recommendations for ways both the public and private sectors can participate in the redevelopment process.

West End Section West End Plan

West End Redevelopment Land Use and Site Plan Analysis, 2006

Overlooking Lake Pontchartrain, West End has a long and storied history as a destination for boating, dining, and recreation. This area which spans across the dividing line of Jefferson and Orleans parishes had become a much quieter place offering fewer activities in the years leading up to Hurricane Katrina, before being completely wiped out by the disaster. In the months following Katrina, the RPC engaged citizens in a series of charrettes to formulate a community-driven vision for the redevelopment of West End based upon smart growth principles.

West End Redevelopment Market Analysis and Feasibility Study, 2008

In the West End Redevelopment Land Use and Site Plan Analysis (2006), citizens’ envisioned a range of uses and amenities adorning West End, including a boutique hotel, maritime museum, restaurants, condominiums, and office space among others. To advance the vision, the RPC commissioned a market analysis and feasibility study to determine the costs associated with building the envisioned development and the ability of current market and economic conditions to support it. This study is intended to provide guidance for refinement of the West End redevelopment plan.


West End Master Plan Refinement

On Thursday, July 19th, 2013 the Regional Planning Commission (RPC) held a second public meeting to present the West End Master Plan. The following were the two plans submitted for public solicitation.

Site Plan 1

Site Plan 2


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