MTPs: Metropolitan Transportation Plans

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is the chief legal document reflecting the goals and objectives, the resources, the fundamental planning process, and the project implementation schedule for the region over the next 30 years. It must be revised every five years so that incoming or newly identified projects and priorities can be identified and updated.  The latest update describes the regional vision for transportation for the years 2019-2048. Projects in the Plan are organized into three tiers:

Tier I (FY 19-22): Projects expected to advance to construction in the next four years. These projects comprise the Transportation Improvement Program .
Tier II (FY 23-31): Projects in the planning and development phase that are expected to advance based on funding.
Tier III (FY 32-48): Long-range projects that are more complex to implement due to funding availability or other factors.

Map Series

MTP for Jefferson FY 2019-2048

MTP for Orleans FY 2019-2048

MTP for Plaquemines FY 2019-2048

MTP for St. Bernard FY 2019-2048

MTP for St. Charles FY 2019-2048

MTP for St. John FY 2019-2048

MTP for St. Tammany FY 2019-2048

MTP fo Tangipahoa FY 2019-2048

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MTP documents

MTP for the New Orleans Urbanized Area Fiscal Years 2019–2048

MTP Fiscal Years 2019 – 2048
St. Tammany urbanized area

MTP for the Tanipahoa Urbanized Area Fiscal Years 2019–2048

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