Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

RMTCThe Regional Transportation Management Center is a state-of-the-art facility that utilizes Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) technology and regional coordination to facilitate communication among drivers, traffic operations staff, emergency response personnel and other agencies to maximize the use of existing roadway throughout the region. At the facility traffic management, staff monitor traffic conditions throughout the region in real-time with the use of ITS tools, such as traffic cameras and vehicle detectors. Roadway conditions are then communicated with drivers and emergency responders via Dynamic Message Signs, Twitter and the 511 Traveler Information System. The technologies employed at the RTMC assist with the congestion reduction, aid in the prevention of accidents, and shortens the response time for emergency personnel to respond to accidents.

While the daily traffic management operations functions are overseen by the Louisiana Department of Transportation (LA DOTD), the Regional Planning Commission (RPC) collaborates with LA DOTD to enhance the effectiveness of its operations. Currently, cities and parishes handle their own highway management, but RPC is working with local governments tie into the system. In addition, RPC is currently seeking private businesses that are willing to lend time on their dynamic messaging boards to keep the public informed of traffic conditions during key times.

If you are a private business interested in participating in the program, please contact Chris Laborde at

Intelligent Transportation System

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