Ortho Imagery

Since 1999, the RPC has initiated an intense regional effort to provide the highest quality mapping grade imagery for government use that is financially feasible. The heart of this effort has been cooperative endeavors at all levels of government. High resolution imagery ranging from 3 inch to 1 foot pixel is used throughout the region to provide an accurate background for line work being produced through local efforts. High resolution imagery can be downloaded from the United States Geological Survey (USGS).

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Data

The RPC facilitates the development of data sets for GIS use through cooperative endeavors with federal, state and local agencies. Through membership in the Louisiana Geographic Information Council (LGISC), the RPC has developed partnerships and provided oversight in the production of costly data sets that form the back-bone of GIS data development. The RPC provides data to local governments and facilitates local data sharing. Public GIS data is released through the parishes or through state and federal catalogues. Several links are provided below:

Additional Resources:

City of New Orleans

State of Louisiana

Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator’s Office

Louisiana Department of Natural Resources

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