Congestion Management

Federal law requires the Regional Planning Commission to develop and operate a Congestion Management Process (CMP) for identifying and addressing traffic congestion within the region. The RPC has maintained a CMP, previously referred to as a Congestion Management System, for over 15 years. The process uses both quantitative traffic data and stakeholder input to identify the locations and sources of congestion, and to recommend strategies for congestion reduction.

The CMP Plan was updated and approved by the Commission in September, 2010, and the RPC has been implementing the process. The plan establishes a framework for an ongoing process that will attempt to formally document and address traffic congestion through the following four tasks:

Define and Identify Congestion – Congestion is identified through two sources. First, the Congestion Management Index provides a quantitative ranking based on traffic volume, speed, and commercial vehicle (truck) traffic. Second, the Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), made up of transportation officials from throughout the region, provides input and helps set priorities.

Select Congestion Reduction Strategies – The TAC identifies, evaluates, and selects congestion reduction strategies to recommend for implementation.

Implement Strategies – Recommended strategies are refined through further study, and if feasible are implemented via inclusion in the Transportation Improvement Program.

Evaluate Performance – Previously implemented strategies are evaluated to determine their success in reducing congestion. The evaluations are presented to the TAC for consideration in future strategy recommendations.

The CMP is intended to be an ongoing effort that will continually attempt to address regional traffic congestion. The plan itself will be updated annually to reflect new information, strategies, recommendations, and evaluations. Updates will be made available on this site, as will other pertinent recommendations, studies, and project developments.

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