The New Orleans region has five airports, with Louis Armstrong International Airport serving as the primary commercial airport. Augmenting the services of Louis Armstrong International Airport, the Lakefront Airport in the City of New Orleans, St. Tammany Regional Airport and Slidell Airport serve general aviation needs. Finally, Plaquemines Parish is home to the Alvin Callender Field, a large military airport at the Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Belle Chasse. The interests of aviation are represented on the RPC Transportation Policy Committee by the Louis Armstrong International Airport.

Studies include:

Impact of Hurricane Katrina on General Aviation in Southeast Louisiana (February 2008)

This study evaluates the impacts of Hurricane Katrina on aviation demand and utilization at several of the general aviation airports in Southeastern Louisiana. The intent of the report is to provide the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD), and the RPC with an immediate to mid-range analysis of trends for the general aviation airports, including recommendations for capital investments at those facilities to accommodate growth and/or enable recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

General Aviation Airport Feasibility Study: Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana (August 2009)

This study investigates the latent demand for general aviation in Plaquemines Parish, as well as potential sites for an airport. To accomplish this task, the study provides an overview of national and state trends affecting the demand for aviation as well as an analysis of local business activity within the parish. In addition, the study contains an inventory of all civilian aviation landing facilities in Plaquemines Parish and the results of a user survey. The survey was administered to all registered aircraft owners and pilots as well as large industrial and/or heavy commercial businesses within Plaquemines Parishes.

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