New Markets Tax Credit Program

The federal New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC Program) helps economically distressed communities attract private investment capital by providing investors with a federal tax credit. The NMTC Program helps to offset the perceived or real risk of investing in distressed and low-income communities. In exchange for investing in Community Development Entities (CDEs), investors claim a tax credit worth 39 percent of their original CDE equity stake, which is claimed over a seven-year period. Investments made through the NMTC Program are used to finance businesses and real estate projects, revitalizing neglected and underserved low-income communities. To learn more about the NMTC Program, please click here.

The Regional Planning Commission has utilized data provided by the CDFI Fund and provided maps of NMTC eligible census tracts by Parish which can be downloaded here:

Map Series

NMTC Areas in Jefferson

NMTC Areas in Orleans

NTMC Areas in Plaquemines

NTMC Areas in St. Bernard

NTMC Areas in St. Charles

NTMC Areas in St. John

NTMC Areas in St. Tammany

NTMC Areas in Tangipahoa

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