Traffic Counts

Notice of Disclaimer: The Regional Planning Commission for Jefferson, Orleans, Plaquemines, St. Bernard, and St. Tammany Parishes (RPC) makes this traffic data available on an "as is" basis. All warranties and representations of any kind with regard to said data are disclaimed, including any implied warranty of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. Under no circumstances will the RPC, or any of its officers or employees be liable for any consequential, incidental, special or exemplary damages even if apprised of the likelihood of such damages occurring. The RPC does not warrant this data against deficiencies of any kind. The use of any of this data for work which is under contract with the RPC does not relieve the contractor from any obligations assumed by the contract, or from complete and proper fulfillment of the terms of the contract, nor does it entitle the contractor to compensation for damages or loss which could be attributed to such use.

The data on this web site is posted for informational purposes only. The admission of this data as evidence is restricted by 23 USC 409. It may be used to aid in the efficient dissemination of traffic information for planning purposes. Users agree to hold harmless and indemnify the RPC as well as its officers and employees of any liability whatsoever which may develop by users' review and use of this data. Users are responsible to be knowledgeable of the character and limitations associated with traffic data if used in planning work and thereby its responsible use in the same. The data contained within this website is periodically updated. Users are responsible to be aware of any updates and incorporate the updated data as may be appropriate for their work.

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