Obligated Projects

Fiscal Year 2017 Annual Listing of Obligated Projects

The Annual Listing of Obligated Projects identifies all projects which have received funding commitments. In fiscal year 2017, a total of $154 million was obligated for 88 transportation and transit projects in the New Orleans Metropolitan Planning Area and the Mandeville/Covington, Slidell and South Tangipahoa Planning Areas. Highlights on the expenditure of funds include the following:

  • Preservation of Roads and Bridges $45 million (29%)

  •  New Roadway Capacity $18 million (12%)

  • Transit Projects $53 million (35%)

  • Enhancements $3 million (2%)

  • Operational Efficiency and Safety $22.6 million (15%)

  • The largest road project obligation was $9 million for the US 90 super street in St Tammany Parish.  Other significant investments included $7 million for the LA 18 4th Street Extension to Burmaster in Gretna in Jefferson Parish, $4.5 million for the LA 300 Florissant Hwy preservation Project in St Bernard Parish, 3.5 million for the St Charles Avenue Overlay project from Louisiana to Calliope in Orleans Parish and $3 million for the LA 38 preservation project from LA 1054 to the Washington Parish Line in Tangipahoa Parish.

  • The largest Transit project was the Ferry Terminal bus and rail rehab for RTA in Orleans Parish

  • 67 of the transportation and transit improvements were under $3 million reflecting the continuing emphasis being placed on roadway preservation, safety, and operations and accounting for 76% of all transportation and transit projects and 29% of all funds.

  • 16 of the transportation and transit projects had net obligations greater than $3 million.  These projects accounted for 18% of the transportation and transit projects and 71% funds

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Obligated Projects FY-17 and MAPS DECEMBER 2017

Obligated Projects, September 2017

Download Annual Listing of Obligated Projects, September 2017

Download MAP: Jefferson Parish

Download MAP: Orleans Parish

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Download MAP: Plaquemines Parish

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