MTPs: Metropolitan Transportation Plans

The Newo Orleans Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) is a foundational document for the Regional Planning Commission. It describes a unified vision for a multimodal transportation system that reflects the values of residents throughout the region. The MTP presents a set of goals such as improving system, maintaining infrastructure, and fostering more equitable and livable communities, and provides a blueprint of strategies designed to achieve those goals. The MTP also has an implementation program, with a forecast of anticipated resources and listing of projects separated into three tiers:

Tier I This is the near term, fiscally constrained, four year Transportation Improvement Program.
Tier II These projects are planned for development and implementation in the medium term, and are anticipated to advance to the TIP in coming years.
Tier III This long range program of projects includes those that are more complex to implement and may not have specifically identified funding yet, but are still identified as critical needs to the region’s future transportation system.

The Metropolitan Transportation Plan is updated every four to five years, with the current plan having been adopted by the RPC in 2015. The next update is in early 2019. Please visit this page to follow the update process and provide input to plan.

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Metropolitan Transportation Plans (MTP)
Transportation Improvement Plans (TIP)
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MTP documents

MTP for the New Orleans Urbanized Area Fiscal Years 2015–2044

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MTP Fiscal Years 2019 – 2048
St. Tammany urbanized area

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MTP for the Tanipahoa Urbanized Area Fiscal Years 2019–2048

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