Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)

What is a CEDS?

The Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) is a locally-based, regionally-driven plan for economic development.
  • It is a planning process resulting in a document by which the public sector, working in conjunction with other economic actors (individuals, firms, industries) establishes a strategic blueprint for regional collaboration and prosperity.
  • Required by the U.S. Department of Commerce's Economic Development Administration (EDA) and is a cornerstone of their programs.

When is a CEDS Developed?

The CEDS and its comprehensive strategy must be updated at least every five years. The CEDS is meant to look forward and address a strategy for the next five years. The current CEDS addresses 2014 – 2018. However background information on the economy of the region can be found in the chapter "Momentum: Summary Background on the Regional Economy."

Where does the CEDS address?

The CEDS is a regional document, addressing economic activity in the following five parishes: 

  • Jefferson
  • Orleans
  • Plaquemines
  • St. Bernard
  • St. Tammany

Who Develops a CEDS?

The New Orleans Regional Planning Commission (RPC) is the designated Economic Development District (EDD) by the EDA and receives funding from the EDA to prepare and collect input on the CEDS. The CEDS is developed with the guidance of the CEDS Strategic Committee.

Contents of the CEDS

       Executive Summary 

    The CEDS is a vehicle for promoting alignment between economic development and other regional plans. Every effort has been made to leverage scarce planning resources and avoid duplication of planning efforts. The CEDS is developed with the guidance of the CEDS Strategic Committee with regional representation from parish officials, economic development organizations, representatives from industry clusters and cross-cutting issues (such as entrepreneurship & workforce)
  2. Supplementary Infomation
    Quality Jobs for In Demand Occupations
    Basic Economic Security table Index One Pager

  3. WHERE HAVE WE BEEN? Momentum: Summary Background on the Regional Economy
    The CEDS provides a background summary of the regional economy and the local economic situation, supported by current and relevant data. This chapter identifies the economic clusters within the region and identifies the region's traditional strengths and emerging industries. It summarizes recent successes and setbacks,as well as past and present economic development investments in the region.
  4. Supplementary Infomation
    Regional Successes from 2009-2014
    Memo Regarding Cluster Definition Methodology
    Full List of Traded and Local Clusters by NAICS code
    Full List of Local Clusters by NAICS code
    Cluster Findings for Economic Development Analysis
    Workforce Investment Board (WIB) Priority Clusters

  5. WHERE ARE WE NOW? Strengths-Weaknesses-Opportunities & Threats (SWOT)
    The CEDS includes an in-depth analysis of the economic development strengths and weaknesses in the region’s makeup of human and economic assets, as well as the problems and opportunities posed by external and internal forces affecting the regional economy. The full SWOT analysis also contains proposed actions to support strengths, address weaknesses, respond to opportunities and mitigate risks.
  6. Supplementary Infomation
    Full SWOT Analysis

  7. WHERE DO WE WANT TO GO? Strategic Direction & Evaluation Framework
    As determined by the CEDS Committee, the CEDS sets forth a vision for the region and then lays out the goals and objectives necessary to solve the economic problems of the region, or capitalize on the region’s resources.
    In addition, the CEDS provides an evaluation framework to evaluate the successful development and implementation of the CEDS and to track the performance of the region on a range of economic indicators.
  8. Supplementary Infomation
    Goals, Objectives & Performance Measures with Data Sources

  9. HOW ARE WE GOING TO GET THERE? Plan of Action
    The CEDS identifies regional projects, programs and activities designed to address the SWOTs of the region and to implement the goals and objectives of the CEDS as part of the region's plan of action. The CEDS includes a detailed articulation of priority projects for the region representing current programs being implemented by regional entities as well as needed projects that were identified by the CEDS Committee.
  10. Supplementary Infomation
    Full List of Priority Projects in the Region

    Components of economic resiliency are woven throughout the CEDS with many vulnerabilities unique to the region articulated in the SWOT, goals for sustainability and resiliency are also in the goals and objectives and many projects in the plan of action address economic resiliency.  This chapter of the CEDS discusses aspects of resiliency within the context of economic development.
  12. Supplementary Infomation
    Summary of Publications Referenced in Preparation of the CEDS

For more information and/or technical assistance, please contact RPC Director of Economic Development Maggie Woodruff at or 504-483-8502.

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